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Molecule Viewer

An advanced tool using State-Of-The-Art rendering technology to compare and rank multiple molecules 


Mac Installer


Download our Software

Load a folder...

Our Molecule Viewer will automatically search and preprocess all PDB files, ready for visualization


Ensure that the folder contained pdb’s in the format of “ranked_x.pdb”. Folders can also contain “ranking_debug.json” to import ranking data from Alphafold. Example:


... and play!


We offer different sorting strategy for effective visualization and interaction

1 – Folder selection

2 – Name of selected folder

3 – Sorting order selection

4 – Previous protein

5 – Next protein

6 – File name of current protein in view

7 – AlphaFold ranking data

8 – Current index of protein in view (in relation to the current sorting order)

9 – Current protein in view

10 – Information section

Copyright and Info:

Matthew Barrett (UTS)

Nico Pietroni (UTS)

Andrew Johnstone (UTS)

Kate Michie (UNSW)

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